Why we should support independent businesses more in 2021

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Every time you place orders from small businesses, an actual person does a happy dance. Ever heard that saying before?

We don’t think twice about ordering from well-known brands so why do we think twice about ordering from a small business? Surely we should be open to buying from small businesses but we’re not. As a small business owner myself, I’ve found it extremely difficult to pitch my product. I mean I haven’t yet launched but it’s already been a struggle. So much time and effort goes into creating your own brand and I think as a nation, we need to start supporting small businesses.

Small Business VS Large Scale Business

Small Business
Most if not all products bought from small businesses are made to order. This may mean a longer wait for your item but just think of the hard work that’s going into making it. I personally batch make mine, I always have 3-4 items in stock but most of the time I do like to make to order. It fills us owners with so much happiness and joy when we finally receive an order also and we will spend all of our spare time working on products to make them better.

Large Scale
In larger-scale businesses, there tend to be more than 500 employees. A sale to a larger business is just a sale and as happy as it makes them, nobody gets as excited about a sale as a small business owner. I’m not trying to bad-mouth larger businesses as I purchase from them as well as small businesses but I’m just trying to put it into perspective.

2021 is the year for supporting small businesses!

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