My blog is my own little online world. I’ve never been a confident person and I’m unbelievably shy. Throughout school, I was never really part of a ‘group’ as I had different friends from different friendship groups.

It wasn’t until October 2015 (I think) that I decided to set up my blog and I posted very little content during the first year. I started my blog as a getaway from reality as I was spending a lot of time in and out of hospital and I couldn’t really get around that well.

I did stop blogging completely at one point as I felt embarrassed and didn’t want to share my posts.

During 2017 I decided to start up again, posting very little content as I hadn’t found my niche. When 2018 hit, I again, was posting very little and taking 3-4 month breaks as I didn’t feel 100% confident sharing my content. 

Later on in the year of 2018, I decided to start writing and trying to post every couple of weeks. I did this for some time but then started posting monthly which didn’t work in my favour either, as I got lazy with writing & planning posts. 

Fast forwarding to 2019, I wrote few posts during january but decided not to share them all. Then towards the end of the year, I had the urge to start spending my free time wisely, I told myself that 2020 is my year to shine, I’ve already secured my place at university ready to start in September, so I am thrilled at how the year has started for me! I’m also enjoying writing a lot more and interacting on instagram (which is something I struggled to do when I first started blogging)

I still struggle with my confidence when it comes to sharing my posts, but I’m slowly building it up so any advice would be amazing!

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Hi I'm Aimee a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger from Staffordshire. I've had my blog for around 5 years now and I absolutely love creating content. Alongside my blog, I'm a Law student and also a self-employed beautician specialising in skincare.

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  1. Hey Aimee, I used to delete some of my posts because my anxiety told me I looked like I was attention seeking and I was disheartened by not getting many likes or comments. I like reading yours posts. You made me feel better about myself the other day when I read your IBS post. I was having an off day and seeing another young female talking about it really helped. That’s how I see my blog, I don’t post much and I don’t feel like I reach many people, but knowing that I might help one person makes me carry on. Good luck with University!

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