Welcome to The Aimee Effect

Hello and a warm welcome to my brand new site, thanks for finding me and taking the time to explore my blog. I’m Aimee, a Journalism student from Manchester and I’ve decided it’s time to get back into the blogging game after taking some time out. 

If you’re new here and don’t much about the history of The Aimee Effect don’t worry, here’s a little recap:

The Aimee Effect was previously known as ‘Aims Beauty’ and was Founded in October 2015. I originally started my blog as I had a passion for beauty and loved writing about new products I’d tried/wanted to try and to also build a community of skincare lovers. Fast forward to March 2020 which was when I rebranded to The Aimee Effect and I had found a new passion for fashion, posting daily outfit photos over on my instagram and filming hauls for my YouTube channel, a year went by and I eventually decided that I wanted to get back into blogging, hence the reason you’re reading this right now. 

There it is, a little recap of my blogging history and I’m super excited to get stuck in again. This blog will mainly include fashion related content as that is my passion, with the occasional beauty, lifestyle and travel post. 

So I hope you stick around and want to join my community, don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d also like to see fashion related photos & videos.

Lots of Love as always

Aimee x

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