Welcome back to part 2 of my holiday series. Following on from Italy, our next destination was Valencia – Spain.
We arrived in Valencia at approximately 8pmbut by the time we got to our apartment it was nearing on 10pm. The apartment host was waiting to meet us to welcome us to Valencia. Our host was Francesco who was such a lovely man and couldn’t do enough for us.
We were very close to the centre so we decided to have a quick change of clothes and have a little walk around, where we found another McDonald’s and yes we did have food again. 
Day 2 in Valencia was a very busy day for us, we decided to just walk around the city and see where it takes us. We ended up at the Science and Art Museum where we walked around the grounds and dipped our toes in the water that surrounded the buildings. After spending time here, we decided to take a walk to the shops and see what they had to offer before heading back to where we were staying and grabbing some gelato. We ended up eating at McDonald’s again and went to grab a gin after. 
On our third day we had kind of a relaxing day, we went to have a look around the market and had another walk around the city, stopping off for coffees and having a little shop. We also had a walk into the old town where we came across Torres de Serranos which is one of the twelve gates that formed part of the ancient city wall. That night we decided to have something different to eat so we went for a walk to try and find a nice Spanish bar but again we ended up with fast food – Taco Bell this time which I have never actually tried. Whilst eating our food the streets were getting so busy, filling up with trucks, people and lots of police. We didn’t have any idea what was going on as loud music started and a parade started so after we had eaten we decided to head to the parade to see what it was all about. It was only PRIDE FESTIVAL and it was absolutely amazing! Having never been to a pride festival I didn’t really know what to expect but I really enjoyed it, there was so much support from the locals which was so lovely to see. We didn’t stay too long as we had plans for our last day so we ended up heading back after around an hour and a half. 
Our last day in Valencia was my favourite. We visited the Bioparc which was a good hours walk from where we were staying but it was a lovely walk. I didn’t even know Valencia had a zoo so I was super excited when my boyfriend told me this is where we were going. At the entrance of the zoo, you are greeted by a huge metal elephant statue before joining the queue to get your tickets! The zoo itself is 25 acres and almost barrier free, meaning that the animals are not behind fences or separated and are in fact living together, it is as close to their natural environment as can be. It is the best zoo I have every visited. We watched a small educational show about some of this birds in the zoo and although this was in Spanish I still enjoyed it! Later that night we decided to have our last meal at a restaurant and so headed into town where we found a quaint street with restaurants and bars. We drank a lot of sangria and settled on pizza, I did want to try Spanish paella but when I realised it contained rabbit meat I just couldn’t. 
[wpvideo VDG9A3MU ]
We now only had a few hours until we had to be leaving for the airport so we headed back to the apartment and rested for a couple of hours. 
Final Destination – PARIS, FRANCE 


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