If like me you love your beauty sleep, you’ll know the pain of having to style your hair super quick in the morning. Here are my top 5 quick and easy hairstyles I do on the daily…using only bobbles, grips, hairspray & straighteners….oh and a hairbrush!

My top 5 go to hairstyles

Classic Straight – if I’ve washed my hair the evening prior, I tend to just wear it straight the next morning as it can be so hard to style when it’s ‘clean’. All I do is brush my hair and if it needs it I’ll section it off before running the straighteners through.

Low Loose Pony – I love this one! This would be a perfect look if you work in a school or any type of office job. Just take your brush, straighten if needed, grab a scrunchie, gather your hair at the base of your skull and slightly loosen before securing into place. Super easy and only takes a couple of minutes! You can also leave a few strands loose at the sides like me if you don’t like to have all your hair off your face.

Low Bun – starting with a low loose pony, grab your grips and secure your hair around the bobble, making it messy if desired. Let some hair fall loose so it frames your face and add curls (if you wish) before securing everything with a little spritz of hairspray.

High Pony – leaving some hair loose to frame your face, gather the remaining hair and secure this on-top of your scalp with a bobble & scrunchie. You can curl the loose hair if you wish or leave it straight. 

Classic Curls – if you have a little extra time in the morning you can go all out and curl your full head, I use the straighteners but you can use curlers if you wish. Spritz with hairspray and you’re ready for the day! 

What’s your go-to easy hairstyle? Let me know in the comments – x



Hi I'm Aimee a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger from Staffordshire. I've had my blog for around 5 years now and I absolutely love creating content. Alongside my blog, I'm a Law student and also a self-employed beautician specialising in skincare.

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