The ultimate guide to a minimalist wardrobe

Trends come and go, but the minimalist aesthetic will always be in style, and with the fashion world striving to be more sustainable, minimalism is making a comeback. Simple aesthetics are pleasing to the eye and beneficial for the environment, and decluttering your clothing is simply a wonderful sensation. If you’re new to the minimalist fashion trend, consider this guide your gold, and remember that minimalism must be done correctly in order to be timeless.

Many celebrities and designers live by the idea of putting simplicity first. It’s 100 x easier to get ready in the morning if you dress realistically and don’t have too many clothing choices. Don’t take this to mean you should only use one colour; instead, use a variety of colours and easy options and rotate among them. You need to invest in classic pieces and build a wardrobe that is both functional and stylish. Choose from jumpsuits, dresses, casual t-shirts, high waisted pants, blouses, and boots; there are many different styles to choose from. This will be the easy step once you figure out which style best suits your body shape but keep in mind that you’re looking for your wardrobe necessities.

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What you had to say on minimalist fashion

I asked users on Twitter and Instagram what they thought about minimalist fashion, and this is what they said:

Green Heart Collective (@newgreenheart) on twitter said ‘We love minimalist fashion in the sense of trying to keep our wardrobes full of the clothes we love and wear often, rather than having boxes of unworn clothes hidden somewhere under the bed. It’s so important to love what you wear, otherwise it’s time to keep it moving”

Gabrielle Georgia (@gabsgeorgia) on Instagram said: “I love minimalist fashion! It always looks so chic and put together, low effort and high impact”

How many items should my wardrobe consist of?

In reality, you should try to have roughly 40 to 50 items in your closet. This way, you’ll have a variety of clothes to select from, which is ideal if you’re new to minimalist fashion and haven’t yet established your style. To make things a little easier for you, imagine having three workout outfits, three swimsuits, three blouses, three skirts, five to ten dresses, five casual tops, five casual pants, three pairs of shorts, three pairs of flat shoes, three pairs of heeled shoes, three cardigans, and three to five jackets or coats. This is essentially the beginning of your minimalist wardrobe.

No matter the year or season, below you can find the 10 essentials to achieving a minimalistic approach to dressing. ​​This type of minimalism isn’t dull, and it won’t break the bank either; instead, it will motivate you to shop for items that will last a lifetime and improve with age. 

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10 essentials to building a minimalist wardrobe

1: The Classic Trench Coat 

The raglan-sleeved, heavy-duty waterproof coat that goes with everything. Trench coats are a wardrobe must-have, and with so many colours to select from, you really can’t go wrong with a traditional trench.

2: Chunky Oversized Knitwear

They’re an essential part of every minimalist’s wardrobe. When paired with other fundamentals, this plain and basic piece of clothing appears incredibly elegant. 

3: Fine or Delicate Knits

Finer knitwear is ideal for spring. Try choosing a ribbed collared sweater, a turtleneck, or a bell sleeve jumper if you want a more fitted look. 

4: The Everyday Shirtdress

A shirtdress is a type of women’s dress inspired by the elements of a man’s shirt. Add feminine touches to your basic shirtdress, such as a bow tie belt, tiered hemlines, or a top with a wrapped look.

5: The Knitted Dress

Perfect for enjoying the cold while remaining stylish. Knitted dresses are a fantastic addition to any winter collection. They’re simple to style, comfy to wear, look the part, and are timeless wardrobe pieces. 

6: The Basic Foundations 

Every clothing store carries the essentials, but selecting ones that will last is a never-ending quest, yet there is no preference. It’s completely OK if you’d rather buy inexpensive but more frequently than purchasing more expensive basics. 

7: The Classic Midi Skirt

The midi skirt is suitable for all occasions, including work, drinks with friends, and formal events. Tuck a structured shirt into your midi for a lovely transitional look, or opt for a more formal look by adding gold jewellery and heeled sandals.

8: Finishing Touches 

An outfit isn’t complete without some form of gold jewellery. You can go for hefty yet minimal pieces or go for dainty and because gold is such a timeless colour, it’s always a good idea to spend that little bit more and invest in gold jewellery. 

9: The Loafer Shoe

Loafers come in a variety of styles, and while there are plenty to select from, you should always make sure you have a classic pair in your closet.

10: The Sandal

Sandals are classic, and when styled correctly, they can be rather stylish. When shopping around look for elements like square-toe soles, thin straps, and/or a little heel to elevate a classic pair.

So there you have it: the key to building your minimalist wardrobe and having that easy-to-put-together timeless outfit is to stock up on these ten essentials.

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