During my trip away in Egypt, I was lucky enough to ride camels & horses into the desert, via the sea to watch the gorgeous Egyptian sunset. I spotted the camels a few days prior on the beach (which was what made me want to ride one) I love how chilled they are and I thought ‘they’re not that high up’ but how wrong was I🤫

We arrived at the beach just before 4pm on our last night where we were met by 2 camels and 1 horse (a very very pretty one at that). I was given the choice of riding the horse or camel, and so I chose to ride the horse, as much as I wanted to ride a camel, I just couldn’t bring myself to get on him as he was a lot bigger than I expected.

With me on the horse and my boyfriend on the camel, one of the tour guys jumped on the other camel to lead the way, starting on the beach, entering the sea for a small stretch of the trip (where I got absolutely soaked from the camels splashing me) and finishing in the desert.

Once we had arrived in the middle of nowhere, the guy took some lovely pictures of us where at this point I was brave enough to get on a camel. We had photos on the camels before we jumped off them and had pictures of just the two of us. I also had a few photos on the horse but my boyfriend didn’t want to get on him as he has never ridden before (boring I know).

On the way back, we both went on the camels and the guy leading went on the horse, before finishing back on the beach.

It was the best experience and I would 100% recommend it to anybody!

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