Bonjour Paris

Upon our arrival into Orly airport, we had absolutely 0 idea of a) how we were getting to our apartment, and b) what we were going to be doing in paris.

Luckily for us, there was nobody waiting for cabs and so we decided to  jump in the next available one. After a short 45 minute drive we reached our apartment which was very central to the Eiffel Tower. We were then greeted by our host who showed us up to the apartment before settling in and having a walk around the centre of Paris. No guesses to what we found…..ANOTHER McDonald’s.

The first night in Paris consisted of finding a supermarket and grabbing a few snacks before getting an early night.

Today is a very special day…It’s my birthday!! 

To celebrate my birthday, my boyfriend had planned a visit to the Eiffel Tower which was lovely. We decided to go up in the lift rather than climb the steps, lazy I know but you could only get to the first floor if you decided to take the stairs. The lift took you to the second and third floor. Although only 377 feet, I thought the second floor was extremely high so I was so excited to go to the third floor afterwards, the second floor also hosted a Michelin-starred restaurant called the Jules Verne which we didn’t get a change to go to but for anybody who wants to go somewhere romantic for a spot of lunch or dinner, this is your place! The view from the third floor was magical, the noise of the city vanishes as the wind brushes you. Also greeting you at the third floor, is a champagne bar, so whether you’re celebrating an engagement or just there for the view, you can enjoy with a glass of bubbly. Once back on the ground, we headed to one of Paris’ many malls, Beaugrenelle which was only a short 20 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. First stop was to grab coffee and cake before spending our money and walking back to the apartment to settle down for the night.

 After a longgggg ass sleep, I was ready for my day of exploring. First stop was the Notre-Dame which was in the process of being rebuilt after the fire in April, so for obvious reasons we couldn’t go inside. The exterior that was left however was stunning so I had to get at least a couple of photos before moving onto the Louvre Museum.

Everything about the Louvre was beautiful, the entrance especially and the glass pyramid. Home to many of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, the Louvre is home to the famous Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is probably the only painting that I’d heard of in the museum, but my favourite piece was the ‘Winged Victory of Samothrace’.

After leaving the Louvre we headed to Tuileries Garden for a rest and by this point, I was in quite a bit of pain as I had twisted my ankle a few days prior. I wasn’t going to let a twisted ankle stop my exploring though, as next on the list was to visit the Arc de Triomph where I have to say, was more in my zone during the walk to the Arc de Triomph. We walked through Champs-Élysées – which is ‘the world’s most beautiful avenue’ lined with many restaurants and luxury boutiques before reaching the monument itself at the very end of the stretch. 

After a very hectic day yesterday, we decided to spend our last day in Paris visiting the Catacombs. Established in 1810, the Catacombs of Paris hold the remains of over 6 million people in only a small part of a tunnel network that tourists can visit. I felt a little nervous about being surrounded by millions of bones and skulls but actually, I was very intrigued I would strongly recommend booking online to anybody wanting to visit the Catacombs, as we waited nearly 4 hours to get in and as you can imagine, I was extremely grouchy!

To top the day off, my IBS decided to turn against me and caused me a lot of pain and discomfort after we left the Catacombs, meaning that the day was cut short. 

Paris was a lovely experience and I would personally suggest everybody takes a visit at least once in their lifetime, I know that I hope to go back to see more of the sights that I didn’t get the chance too. 



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