During the summer, I went on an amazing holiday travelling from Italy to Spain to France and I thought I would share my entire journey with you! I have decided to split this blog into 3 different posts as I have a LOT to share!! 
I’m not well travelled and as soon as I touched down in Italy I was shocked, I didn’t realise how poor Sicily is. I caught the train from the airport with my boyfriend to where we were staying, but unfortunately for us we missed our stop, meaning we got off at the next stop….we had to walk soooo long to get back to where we were staying and I was extremely grouchy by this point. We finally got to our apartment, which was lovely considering where we were staying but I kid you not, nobody spoke English, which I can understand as you can’t expect someone to speak English to you in their own country, but this is something I really struggled with. After settling in, the first night consisted of getting our bearings and finding food for dinner (we actually ended up in McDonald’s after a long walk) before heading back to the apartment and resting up ready for day 2. 
After resting and catching up on sleep I was feeling a hell of a lot better and ready to enjoy my holiday. Before heading out to Palermo, me and my boyfriend had looked online and found a cathedral which we wanted to visit so that is what we did on our second day. Before we headed to the cathedral we stopped off at a  supermarket to get something for our breakfast. The cathedral was wonderful and situated in the most beautiful place only a short distance away from where we were staying. The cathedral itself is called Cattedrale di Palermo and was built in 1184. We went onto the rooftop of the cathedral as well as looking at the tombs. The view from the top of the building was unreal but to get to the rooftop you have to climb 110 steep spiralling steps which isn’t too bad, but going down was a completely different experience, I’m not the best with steep things and my pulse rate felt like it was going to go through the roof! I was scared for dear life on the way down! After getting down, we left the cathedral and had a wonder around to see what else Palermo had to offer before heading back for a siesta.
Siesta over, let’s get ready for dinner. We headed back to where the cathedral was and found a lovely food place called Pedro’s which looked like the Sicilians version of the UK’s Starbucks but offering more than just coffee and cake. I decided to have grilled chicken with cheese, bacon and fries and my boyfriend had loaded fries. We fully enjoyed this meal even though it wasn’t really Italian. 
Day 3 was our exploring day, we packed our little backpacks and off we went for the day. We enjoyed this day to the fullest and went back to where the cathedral was situated to explore. It was more of a relaxing exploring day but was so enjoyable, we stopped off for pizza which was delicious (I forgot to take a photo though, too busy stuffing my face…sorry) by far the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. We finished day 3 off by heading back to Pedro’s for dinner. 
Whilst we were on the flight to Palermo, my boyfriend suggested visiting Mondello Beach. We took a 45 minute bus ride from Palermo to Mondello at 11am. Mondello beach is one the most beautiful beach destinations in Italy and it was very busy. We did manage to get a spot on the beach right next to the sea which was great as we could keep an eye on our belongings when having a quick dip. One thing I noticed though, there were so many jellyfish (luckily I caught eye of them before swimming into them) After a few hours on the beach we went to find somewhere to eat and had a walk around near the beach to see what this part of Sicily had to offer. We then went back to relax on the beach before getting the bus back which was very very packed and very warm. I was so glad to get of that bus but it was all part of the adventure! 
I had a wonderful time in Sicily, the average temperature whilst I was there was 28 degrees which was manageable and I didn’t get too burnt. 


Hi I'm Aimee a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger from Staffordshire. I've had my blog for around 5 years now and I absolutely love creating content. Alongside my blog, I'm a Law student and also a self-employed beautician specialising in skincare.

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