Today, I’m getting a little bit more personal and writing about my struggles with my stomach. At least once a week I find myself in extreme amounts of pain with my gut, sometimes that bad that I can’t continue on with my day.

I suffered for months before talking to a dietician and trying to find out the problem but prior to this, I just thought I was intolerant to lactose. My stomach used to swell up so much, I looked pregnant and this is how I knew something wasn’t right.

The first time I saw the dietician, I explained what had been happening and also showed her photos of my swollen stomach. We then discussed in more detail my symptoms and diet. After a lengthy conversation, I was prescribed some medication to help me with my digestion and was tested for coeliac disease. Thankfully my antibodies were all good meaning I don’t have coeliac.

The capsule medication I had been prescribed were SOOO big and in the end, I just couldn’t seem to swallow them so I layed off. During the time from stopping my capsules to going back to see the dietician, my gut seemed a lot better, but I still did suffer a little every now and then.

After speaking to the dietician again, we decided on the same tablets but a lower dose, meaning I would have to take more. She also informed me that I can separate the capsules, empty out the medicine and swallow with a mouth full of yoghurt, ketchup, apple sauce or jam. Luckily enough, I can actually swallow these ones. My dietician also recommended me to experiment with the amount of capsules I am taking, to see how my gut reacts and to also try a low-fat diet for a week with no capsules.

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I was given this advice and I have stuck to taking my medication rather than trying the low-fat diet as I don’t want to upset my gut. Although in saying that, I am currently experiencing an IBS flare-up which I am trying to flush out with fruit, fibre and water but could last for up to 4 days.

Sorry for the shocking quality of this, but this is how my belly swells up

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