I am SO SO SO EXCITED to be on my way to Egypt right now. That winter sun is deffo what I’m in need of before the big christmas rush! But no holiday is a holiday without a hefty lot of prepping, so take a wild guess at what this whole post is about 😉 

Yes you’re right, here’s my holiday prep walkthrough! 

Monday 25th November 

Happy Monday! Today I will be doing my first face mask of the week followed by a leg wax. I’m using Essence of Arcadia Dead Sea Mud Mask which I have previously mentioned in another post and I will be using the body shop banana scrub to exfoliate my legs prior to getting them waxed. Now when it comes to waxing my legs, I have a trained assistant to help (my mum) because let’s be honest, how am I supposed to wax the back of my legs?. I’ve decided to wax my legs today as a ‘pre-wax’ and I will be waxing them again on Friday ready for my flight on Saturday. 

Tuesday 26th November 

 Not a great deal to be done today, sorting through makeup,tidying the house a little and  deciding what I will be taking with me as I only have hand luggage :/ I think I’ve pretty much got all of the clothes that I will be taking (I hope anyway) so just grabbing some food and watching a couple of episodes of Waterloo Road  before going to watch the new FROZEN 2 film!!!! 

Wednesday 27th November 

SH*T I need to get my ass into gear! First things first, head to the travel agents to exchange money, little did I realise that you actually exchange once you’re in Egypt lol, followed by a quick trip to primark to grab a belt and a coat (random) before getting back home to start packing. Tonight I did also use The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution for a deep exfoliation  <3

Thursday 28th November 

I have been unbelievably lazy today, I woke up at 11:30am, I have started to get SPOTS what the hell!  I went to the shops to try and find a clear case to put my makeup in but couldn’t find anything so I ended up buying hand sanitizer. It’s now 7:30pm so I am waxing and tinting my brows, soaking off my gels and reapplying a summer colour on my toes and I will be doing my acrylic nails. 

Friday 29th November 

Now, I am starting to worry I haven’t got everything but oh well what can I do. This morning I did my final lot of washing before washing my car as it was a MESS! My waxing assistant was at work so I didn’t wax again I just used the razor but now my hair will grow back faster :(. I’ve done another face mask using Kaeso Rebalancing Mask and also I didn’t like my acrylics that I did last night so I’ve taken them off and just put a gel overlay on to match my toes before rushing to the supermarket to get a brow pencil LOL @ MY LIFE. 

Saturday 30th November 

Okay it’s 6am and I am tempted to jump in the shower and give myself a bouncy blow dry :/ I know for a fact I will start stressing about the time though so I’m kind of unsure on what to do. I’m travelling like a tramp – the classic joggers, trainers and a big puffer coat so I don’t have to worry about makeup at least! 

I decided against the idea of a blow dry as I needed to check my packing AGAIN – but now I am on my way to the airport so there is nothing more I can do! 


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