Hello you lovely lot, it’s been a while!

So on Wednesday 24th February, I was lucky enough to model for Gemma who is the owner of Dollface Makeup Studio in Congleton Cheshire. Gemma chose to go for a purple smoky look on the eyes with winged eyeliner, a toned down lip and obviously foundation, contour and everything else.

To start with, Gemma used a little foundation and popped this onto my eyelids and up to just below the brow, she then used a white eye-shadow and spread this all over my lid before going in with the purples and black in the crease. After this, she then obviously applied a gel eyeliner onto my lash line and winged it and applied false lashes.

Moving onto my face now, I don’t know the exact products that were used, however they stayed on like a dream all night without any smudging. The products that Gemma used on my face were Foundation, Concealer, Contour, Highlighter and Bronzer. The complete makeup look was fantastic and all the products were blended to perfection! (PS, GEMMA TOOK SOME PROFFESSIONAL PHOTOS, HOWEVER THEY ARE NOT UP ON HER SITE YET SO I TOOK A FEW SELFIES FOR YOU TO SEE THE FINISHED LOOK!)


Gemma isn’t just qualified as a makeup artist, she also offers treatments some of which include  Semi-Permanent Lashes, Lash tinting and HD brows which I have actually had done myself and loved! Here is a before and after photo!

model post 5 (2)

You can find Dollface Makeup Studio on:


Twitter  –  @DollfaceMUp

You can also find me on:

Instagram – @aimeegibsonx

Twitter – @AimeeG98


I hope you like reading this blog post and I shall be back soon with another post!


Love Always – Aimee XOX











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