Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome can have a huge impact on everyday life. For many people, IBS is just a term for describing somebody with a bad stomach ache….but let me tell you, it’s far from that. At the moment my IBS is well controlled and I’ve not had a flare-up for some time but for others, it can be a different story so I thought I’d clear up some IBS myths.

5 myths about IBS

  • Stress causes your Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Stress can be a factor of irritable bowel for many people, it’s not the main cause. I can be known to be a little stress now & again but my IBS personally isn’t down to stress.
  • IBS is the same for everybody – is a headache the same for everybody? I think until you’ve been diagnosed you don’t really know what to believe. Symptoms vary from person to person – some only have mild symptoms whereas others have more severe symptoms.
  • Cutting out gluten & dairy gets rid of symptoms – If it was this easy, I’m sure everybody would be doing it. Don’t get me wrong I’ve got intolerances to gluten & dairy, but I also can’t consume foods such as onion & garlic. When I do consume garlic….my gosh does my stomach bloat. So no, cutting out gluten & dairy from your diet doesn’t always get rid of symptoms.
  • IBS isn’t a real disease – I get this all of the time! I know a lot of people probably don’t see this as a ‘real’ disease and to be fair, before I was diagnosed neither did I. As I said earlier, I think you need to personally have it to realise how ‘real’ it is.
  • It’s all in your head – I can see why people would think this, I mean what’s a stomach ache too some people? People get stomach aches all of the time so I 100% get this point but an IBS flare-up/stomach ache can be unbelievably painful to deal with.  

Myth round-up

Those myths are 5 of the biggest ones that get to me so bad when people who know very little on the subject feel the need to comment. Don’t get me wrong, there’s probably a lot I still don’t know myself as I’m learning about IBS constantly! 

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Love Aimee x



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