So we’re now 3 months into 2020 and I haven’t yet shared with you the goals I want to achieve before the year ends. 

2020 Goals

  • Grow my confidence – I am super shy and I find it so hard to start conversations with people whom I don’t particularly know that well. I just want to have the natural ability to strike up a conversation and engage others into it but only time will tell. 
  • Share my blog with my personal social media – I’ve mentioned before on a previous post that I struggle sharing my content with my personal ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’. This year I’ve told myself I will share my blog with others and if people want to talk about me (say nasty things) then they can, blogging is something I enjoy and I’m not going to stop for anyone. 
  • Get to know other bloggers – This one is a big one, I see all these bloggers from my area and I would LOVE to get to know them. It would be lovely to get to know others who share the same interests as me and I think it would boost my confidence massively. 
  • Gain more clients for my business – I’ve been running my beauty studio for around a month now. Building a client base has proven extremely difficult so 2020 is the year I’m pushing to gain more business for myself. 
  • Tone my body – I’ve been wanting to get my ass into the gym for a while now but I always put it off. I don’t necessarily want to lose weight, I want to tone up….so….lets see if I can do it!
  • Treat my boyfriend to a holiday – Paul is ever so good to me, he’s always treating me and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be writing this post now. So this year I want to pay him back with a little break away just so he knows I do appreciate everything he does for me. 

Do you have any goals like me or completely different goals? Let me know in the comments – x



Hi I'm Aimee a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger from Staffordshire. I've had my blog for around 5 years now and I absolutely love creating content. Alongside my blog, I'm a Law student and also a self-employed beautician specialising in skincare.

0 thoughts on “Goals I want to achieve in 2020 | The Aimee Effect

  1. Great goals 🙌🏾 know that you true you is beyond shyness, you can do it for sure.
    My main goal is to turn my passions into business, I am working on it constantly. I really hope that many clients will come to you 🤗

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